Attack of the Monstrology

Horrors rise from the deep, aliens descend upon humanity, and the cities of civilization are ravaged by maleficent monsters…

Featuring nine stories (From artists at Marvel, DC Online, Udon, Raven Software & more!), Attack of the Monstrology is an action packed thrill ride full of creatures inspired by classic B monster movies.

128 Full Color Pages for only $19.99

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Brought to you by Ape Entertainment.

It’s Bean Craving! – By Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz (Street Fighter Alpha)
Benjamin Franklinstein – Written by Mike Jungbluth (Cereal and Pajamas, The Incredible Hulk game) and Art by Dan Schoening (DC Online shorts)
Bounty– By Tim Kelly (Bunnyman, Cereal:Geek Magazine)
Creeps Detective Agency– Written by Thaddeus Russel and Art by Bob Strang
Day at the Beach– Written by Matt Anderson (White Picket Fences), Illustrated by Kelly Goodine (Wolverine the Immortal Man and Other Bloody Tales) and colors by Matt Kaufenberg
Destroyed– Written by Zack Carlson, Illustrated by Tim Doyle and Colors by Angie Genesi.
Dive! Dive! DIE!– Written by Matt Dyer (Blinds) and Art by Chris Tamyln (Blinds).

Cover By: Jeffrey Cruz

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