Avatar Premiere & Press Conference

So I finally got to see what all the fuss is about, but I can’t say anything until Monday.  However I did get to go to the Press Conference attended by Jon Landau, James Cameron (Jim to his friends), Sigourney Weaver,  Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana, and  Sam Worthington.  This had a hilarious not to be missed anectode from Sam when they were filming in Hawai and James mentions something about sequels.

Wish you could been there to hear it? Your wish is my command, just watch out for the applause at the beginning if your listening on earphones – Avatar Press Conference

Later that day I got to spent a good deal of time waiting around on the ‘blue carpet’ – see what they did there, for some of the star’s to walk past and grab quick interviews. Managed to grab some pics as well

Sam, Sigourney and Jim (as he likes me to call him)

Sigourney, Jim and Michelle Rodriquez - she touched my arm!

Joel David Moore who play's Norm

Zoe Saldana responding to my offer of a date

And here are the interviews –

Avatar Premiere

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GS Reporter: Monts

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