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Birmingham, United Kingdom, 14 October 2010 – British Indy feature film Pulp will begin filming at the British International Comics Show (BICS) at the Birmingham Thinktank this weekend (16 and 17 October).

Pulp is a comedy feature film set in the irreverent world of comic book publishing and its producers, Dare Productions and Reels in Motion, are ensuring an authentic feel by inviting all comic book and movie fans to come along to BICS this weekend to be part of the filming.

“Pulp is homage to comic books and movies. We’re asking fans to come to the British International Comic Show and be part of this exciting independent feature film,” said producer Adam Hamdy.

In addition to being part of the crowd, fans will have the opportunity to be featured in Pulp. Using a technique similar to that used in When Harry Met Sally, the narrative story will be punctuated with real interviews with fans. “We’re going to be intercutting the film with fan interviews. It’s a great opportunity for the world to hear your views on comic books and movies,” said producer Phil Bland.

Written by newcomer Bode O’Toole, and directed by award-winning commercials and animation director, Shaun Magher, Pulp will be produced by Adam Hamdy for Dare Productions, and Phil Bland for Reels In Motion. It is the first of three ‘Geek Trilogy’ films. The second feature, The Mystic, is scheduled for production in 2011. PULP –

Director, Shaun Magher, is excited about the shoot. “Bode O’Toole has done a great job. We’ve got a script that treats the subject matter with just the right blend of love and irreverence.”

Born out of the madness that is the world’s largest comic fair, San Diego Comic Con, Pulp has raced from inception to shooting in a staggering three months. Produced using a collaborative approach, it will be shot on Red camera in the West Midlands with Birmingham’s striking Thinktank playing centre stage.

Hamdy says, “Comic fans should love it, as should anyone who likes to laugh at irreverent comedies like The Hangover, Kingpin and The Big Lebowski. The film is packed with comic book and movie references for fans to discover.”

British International Comic Show Organiser, Shane Chebsey, said, “Our show is dedicated to celebrating comic books as an art form. We’re very excited that the producers have chosen to shoot Pulp at the British International Comic Show. It’s a rare opportunity for comic fans to see a work of art being created, and to be part of the filmmaking process.”

The British International Comic Show takes place at the Thinktank in Birmingham on 16th and 17th October 2010.

Short synopsis

Tony Leary, the nice-guy owner of Junk Comics, is gearing up for one last roll of the dice. Nothing will stop his new superhero comic The Sodomizer from being a success except a gang of Geordie criminals who are using another comic company to launder their dirty money. Aided by his trusty geek sidekicks, Rick and Keith, Tony must defy the odds if he is to become a real life hero.

Meet Pulp’s crew:


Magher is a graduate of the National Film & Television School and has 25 years experience in the animation industry. He has directed a number of award-winning music videos and commercials. Magher has taught animation, and founded the Stoke Your Fires Animation Festival. He is an accomplished composer and musician.


Pulp is O’Toole’s first feature film. Prior to becoming a writer, O’Toole had a successful career as a technology entrepreneur. He lives in the secluded privacy of the Staffordshire countryside.

About DARE:

Dare was founded in 2007 by British writer Adam Hamdy to produce high-quality, original entertainment. Dare’s debut comic book title, The Hunter, is currently being developed as a feature film, animated comic series, and video game. Dare’s second comic book title, Starmaker: Leviathan, launched at San Diego Comic Con in July and has been picking up strong reviews. Pulp is Dare’s first feature film.

Reels in Motion was formed by 3 JVC award winning film makers. The directors met whilst studying film at Staffordshire University; and were driven to form Reels in Motion by their passion for producing, watching, writing, and talking about films.

YURI KRYLOV – Director of Photography – Working worldwide he has accumulated a portfolio of short movies. Yuri has worked with many ASC and BSC members and was taught by Michael Goi (Life on Mars, Superbad) the current president of the ASC and Robin Vidgeon (Hellraiser, A Touch of Frost) former president of the BSC.

PHIL CHALK – Producer – Phil is an award winning producer and head of Chapman Studios and Factory Animation Group. Over the last three years Phil has produced over 1000 minutes of high quality animated content. In 2009, Phil produced the Children In Need single,’ Peter Kays Animated All Star Band’.

The British International Comic Show is the UK’s biggest celebration of comic books and is held annually at the Thinktank at Millennium Point in Birmingham.

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