Bill Pullman and Mekhi Phifer joins ‘Torchwood: The New World’ cast

These are some great pieces of casting although I was gutted to hear that Bill Pullman wouldn’t be playing the president in the new series of  Torchwood because that would have been class.

I was really enjoying Phifer in Lie to Me but he didn’t really get a chance to do much in that show so hopefully he’ll get more screen time in Torchwood.

In this new series Phifer will play CIA agent Rex Matheson as a Harvard-educated “golden boy” who is “dangerous, dazzling and reckless, according to the press blurb. Pullman on the other hand will take a darker turn as the devious and psychotic murderer Oswald Jones in the ten-part run.

Although so far this new series seems to have a distinct US vibe coming across the makers are promising that the show will stay true to it’s UK roots. According to Jane Espenson, one of the writers on the show, the  upcoming fourth series will pick up where the third series left off rather than be an all new series.

“We have a number of American characters, but please note we’re not a total American drama. [It’s a] continuation of [the] UK show, [with] UK scenes and [characters]! “

I’m remaining optimistic about the new series especially after the brilliant Children of Earth.

Torchwood: The New World will air on BBC One in the UK and Starz in the US.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Digital Spy


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