Caprica Season 1 Episode 10 – Unvanquished

The last time we saw the residents of Caprica, they were going through some pretty massive changes. Cylon Zoe was on the run to save herself from being cloned to make more robots, and therefore destroyed, Amanda Graystone was literally standing at the edge of a precipice and Clarice was encountering a lot of opposition for her religious views. Meanwhile Lacy was questioning herself and her commitment to the Soldiers of the One (STO), Daniel Graystone was coping with the loss of his company to the Vergis Corporation, and Joseph Adama was banished from V World after his daughter, Tamara, killed his avatar.

This new episode of Caprica is set three weeks after episode 9. Clarice is on Gemonon and trying to convince her fellow monotheist that bombing the Caprica Bucaneers stadium is a great way to garner support for their cause. Clarice is also trying to build a virtual heaven – we presume similar to the V world that Zoe now inhabits. Clarice is denounced as a zealot but has gained so much support on Gemonon that her followers ‘get rid’ of anyone who opposes her.

Daniel Graystone is trying to come to terms with the loss of everything that he holds dear and appeals to Ha’la’tha’, the Tauran mob to get his company back. In return he offers a software to recreate a lost loved one in the V world and therefore create a cure for grief. This is surprisingly similar to the idea being touted by Clarice, could it be possible that they will join forces in the days to come?

These are the two main storylines in the episode. Joseph Adama is sidelined to being just a member of the Tauron mob for the time being. Zoe is almost nowhere to be seen until the end of the episode – her Cylon body is to be destroyed as there is no sign of life in it after the crash. We then discover that she is a ‘deadwalker’ in the V world like Tamara, and she is hunting for her.

We also discover at the end of the episode that Amanda Graystone is not dead, but hiding out on Gemonon with Clarice. This lends more weight to the idea that the Graystones are going to become more and more involved with the STO. Daniel knows where his wife is and is constantly leaving her messages, begging her to call him back.

By the end of Caprica season 1.0, we were finally getting out from behind the curtain of dialogue and procrastination; people were finally beginning to try and achieve something rather than just talking about it. This new episode seems to have taken us back to square one. The characters are back to being inactive and just talking about the change they want to create, rather than making it happen. So much for the massive changes that were promised before the series went on hiatus.

The religious aspect of the show is coming more and more to the fore. While this is a strong element in the overall story of Caprica and, eventually, Battlestar Galactica, there is too much emphasis being put on it at the moment and audiences are liable to switch off.

The fact that Zoe has retreated to the V World is interesting, especially now that she is tracking down Tamara – presumably to join forces with her – but to what end?

A slow episode of Caprica that finally picked up in the final few minutes. Whether this is enough to keep viewers interested remains to be seen.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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