Caprica Season 1 Episode 11 – Retribution

This week’s episode, as the title might suggest, is all about revenge. Daniel Graystone is using the information he has on his ‘friends’ at Graystone Industries to try and win their favour and thus, his company back and Clarice is taking bloody vengeance on STO members that sided with Barnabas instead of her. Meanwhile, Lacy questions her involvement with the Soldiers of the One and Amanda Graystone learns some unpleasant information about her new friend, Clarice.

While there is a lot going on in this episode of Caprica, there is considerably less than last week – but this is a good thing. Frequently, Caprica becomes so engrossed in showing audiences every side of the story that things get muddled and confused. Not so this week.

There has always been a focus on the STO and monotheists in Caprica – after all Zoe was killed in an STO explosion, but the series is now focussing more and more on the religious aspect of the show. Thankfully there is very little doctrine involved, and certainly nothing is being forced on the viewer, rather, this is almost an anthropological study on how people relate to others who do not share the same religious beliefs as them.

Daniel Graystone is not predisposed to blackmail, but if it is what he has to do to get his company back, then he will grudgingly do it. On the other hand, and in stark contrast to this, Clarice has no qualms about killing those opposed to her.

There is no Zoe in this episode, and one can only imagine that she is stomping through the V world, and she and Tamara are going to go head to head very shortly.

Overall, a much better episode of Caprica than the one that went before it, and Caprica is definitely getting back on track and heading towards a thrilling season finale.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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