Caprica Season 1 Episode 12 – Things We Lock Away

This episode of Caprica focussed a lot on the women; Zoe and Tamara finally find each other in V world, Lacy is held prisoner by Clarice and the relationship between Amanda and Clarice finally evens out as they are both using each other. Meanwhile, Daniel Graystone gets control of his company back but at a terrible cost.

The major development in this episode of Caprica is the introduction of a third Zoe. We already have ‘original’ Zoe and avatar Zoe, but now avatar Zoe is seeing a third incarnation of herself. This is the biggest single development in the show in a long time that actually ties this series to Battlestar Galactica. Sure, we have the same races and peoples, and some of the characters are parents to those in BSG, but this third – or Messenger – Zoe firmly ties Caprica into the BSG mythology.

To clarify – or for those of us who are watching Caprica first – Messenger Zoe is a figment of avatar Zoe’s imagination and invisible to everyone else. She often appears suddenly to avatar Zoe and advises or encourages her. It has been revealed – through Battlestar Galactica – that these messengers are in the employ of a higher power that ironically doesn’t like to be called ‘God’.

Still with us? Well Zoe and Tamara fight it out in a gladiator style fight. Tamara wants Zoe to take responsibility for killing her, but seeing as neither girl can die, a truce has to be reached. They need each other, and they know it.

Meanwhile, Lacy is held hostage by Clarice and eventually tells her about avatar Zoe. After this, she is sent away to Gemonon ‘for her own protection’. Amanda tries to go home to Daniel, but leaves again without seeing him. She goes to live with Clarice and her family to try and gather information for the police. The mental game of chess between the two women is interesting, as it appears that neither is aware that the other is playing them. While Amanda may feel guilty about this, Clarice – for all her religious posturing – doesn’t seem have an ounce of guilt in her.

As well as this, Daniel has got Graystone Industries back from Vergis. This is not without it’s price, however, as he has made a deal with the Tauron Mafia and this cannot be just backed away from. In a scene that takes many twists and turns, Daniel suggests a deal to take down the mafia – the very guys who gave him back his power – whereas Vergis realises he is disgraced and forces Daniel to stab him and so takes the death that he believes is his destiny.

Loads going on in Caprica this week, but it is not overly full, the pace is just right and there are not too many characters crossing over each other. In the past, Caprica had a tendency to be over complicated but the balance of this episode is just right. This, added to the new development of Messenger Zoe, is allowing Caprica to slowly build up steam.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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