Caprica Season 1 Episode 13 – False Labour

This could well be the last episode of Caprica ever to be aired. Earlier this week Syfy announced that the show had been cancelled, just as Caprica finally took an interesting turn.

Daniel Graystone is having nightmares about killing Vergis, and in an effort to find some calm and stability in his life he decides to create an avatar version of his wife, Amanda. However, Daniel does not have access to Zoe’s code anymore and the copy does not turn out as he had hoped. Meanwhile the real Amanda is accepted into Clarice’s unusual family, after some initial teething problems.

The real revelation in this episode of Caprica, however, is Sam Adama’s discovery and use of a Cylon. Now that the Tauron Mafia is involved in Graystone Industries, so are the Adama brothers and this is how Sam stumbles across the Cylon. Sam is caught running guns to Tauron to fuel the rebellion, and it falls to him to clean up his own mess. This is where the Cylon comes in.

Other than that, there is not a lot going on in this episode. Zoe, Lacy and Clarice are literally nowhere to be seen, which is frustrating in a way, because isn’t Caprica supposed to be about Zoe’s transformation from human to robot?

Also missing this week are the long winded lectures about religion and terrorism, which makes a refreshing change. It seems that Caprica had finally realised what was wrong with the show and had taken steps to fix it, but it was obviously too little too late.

It’s a shame to say goodbye to Caprica, it had it’s flaws, but it was headed in an interesting direction. We shall just have to see what comes of the new Battlestar Galactica prequel: Blood and Chrome – which will be aired in 2001 and will focus on the first 10 years of the Cylon war.

Goodbye Caprica. It was fracking fun while it lasted.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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