Caprica Season 1 Episode 4 – Grave Dancing

At the end of episode 3, we were told that Joseph Adama wanted Amanda Graystone dead, to even the score between him and Daniel Graystone. The episode centres around this and the fact that Daniel Graystone is appearing on TV to defend the holoband – the product which, allegedly, led Zoe astray – as well as the fact that Zoe’s teacher Clarive is more involved with the Soldiers of the One than she would have people believe.

The title of the episode refers to the fact that Amanda Graystone believes that Daniel is ‘dancing’ on their daughter’s grave by going on TV to defame her name. While on the show, Daniel runs into difficulty, and his wife, Amanda, steps in to help. tThen, in a bid to gain back public support, and show his belief in the product, Daniel Graystone states that his company will no longer make profit from the holoband technology. As well as this, the police have acquired a licence to search the school lockers and the Graystone home in search of any evidence that Zoe was a bomber and make up for the fact that they had Ben Stark in custody before the bombing and let him go. There is also a really sweet scene where a technician is running a diagnostic test on the Zoe robot, not knowing that the avatar is inside the robot, and they dance together. This is the first time that Zoe has enjoyed herself, even for a second, since she died.

Caprica has slowed down slightly since the first episodes. The urgency and pace have dropped slightly, but this is where the detail of the show comes through. We are learning more and more about the Taurans as a race, as well as the individual people that the show centres around. We learn that Jospeh’s belief in vengeance is overpowered by his moral nature when he calls off the hit on Amanda Graystone. We learn that Amanda Graystone is willing to do anything – even gatecrashing an interview – to defend her daughter’s name. We learn that Clarice is more monotheistic than even the people closest to her believe.

Caprica is getting more and more complicated, but as the story gets more intricate the show’s pace is slowing down in order to let us catch up with everything that is going on underneath the main story line. Although the show is slowing, it is clear that this is being done for a reason, in order to allow the show to ramp up again in a few episodes time. The fact that Daniel Graystone admitted that he spoke to his daughter, and that the avatar she made survived her death, on TV, is bound to have repercussions in future episodes that will bring the show up a notch or two.

Brogen Hayes

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