DC Launches Digital Comics Store powered by Comixology

Well it seems that digital comics are indeed here to stay as DC Comics announce the launch of their very own digital comic store.

The store will be powered by Comixology allowing users  will be able to buy and download comics from the DC’s website. This seems an obvious move as for a while now DC comics have been available via Comixology but they obviously feel the need now to have their own setup. Being powered by Comixology means the digital comics you buy will also be available on your iPad and iPhone. You will also be able to download and read the comics on your PC or laptop.

As someone who reads a lot of comics digitally I’ll be given the store a look see to see what it’s like. As always one of things I want to see is what sort of pricing structure they op for(or will it be the same as the comics on comixology) and will we start to see more same day releases of both print and digital versions.

You can check out the Flash based store for yourself here and below is part of  Jim Lee’s official announcement of the store.

Got some amazingly exciting news to launch this week off with.  Yeah, I count Wednesday as the beginning of the week as it’s New Comic Book Day!  (It’s the same way the New Comics Year ends and starts again with every San Diego Comic Con in July).  So every Wednesday, I actually am now in the habit of checking for both new print and digital releases and sure enough, we’ve got some downloadable gems this week.  In fact, we’re rolling out Frank Miller’s seminal work , The Dark Knight Returns. This is the book that brought me back into comics when I was in college and truly inspired me to become a comic book illustrator and is a must have for every Comics Cognoscenti.

What makes it even more special is that we are offering it up through our very own DC Digital Comics Store!

Yep, you heard that right.  We’re thrilled today to announce the opening of our brand new DC Comics storefront.  What does the latest development to our ongoing Digital Publishing Initiative mean for you, the ever-devout DC Comics fan?  Well, for one–it’s going to allow you all the ability to purchase and download comics from your desktop and laptop computers from our very own website.  And because we want to make the purchasing, storage and management of your comics digital library as easy and convenient as possible, we’ve made sure that our storefront is powered bycomiXology which means if you buy a DC digital comic like the chart-busting Death of Superman on your Mac or PC at home, you can read the very same series on-the-go using your iPhoneiPad or laptop using our DC App without paying any a penny more or creating any new logins.  Or vice versa.

We call it convergence.  You will find it simply easy.

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