Donations for Eric Martin aka The Question’s daughter Gracie

Hi everyone,

As you know from the message I sent out last week our friend and fellow podcaster Eric Martin Sadly passed way.

Eric died of a massive heart attack on  November 18th during his sleep he was aged only 36. He was a great supporter of Geek Syndicate back when we first started and came on a few episodes who kept in contact with both Dave and myself over the years.

Eric  went on to start up a few podcasts of his own – Comic Playground and DC Noise.

He was a huge supporter of the Comic Podcasting community who loved comics and all things geek.

Eric leaves behind his 8 year old  daughter Gracie.

What Eric’s friends thought would be a nice idea would be to set up a saving account for Gracie so that if anyone wanted to donate to the account(via Paypal) they could.

If you’re interested in donating then the account to donate to from PayPal is: [email protected]

Eric’s brother Mike will take any donations received and put the money into Gracie’s savings account for her to access when she’s older.

Dave and I will also be trying to raise some money via a few auctions we’re trying to set up. We’ll have more info on that once it’s all finalised.

Thanks all


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