Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD – Episode 8

In this special edition, the guys forgo the regular reviews and rubbish and instead have a mammoth 90 minute chat with 2000AD artist PJ Holden.

Its probably best to think of it like you are in the pub, there’s three guys talking comics on the table next to you, and one of them happens to work for 2000AD… it’ll help.

As usual expect language not suitable for the kiddies from the start (we had some technical problems connecting).

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  1. Henry Flint /

    Hi Guys,
    I’m slow with 2000ad news and tek stuff so only got wind of the podcast a few days ago… heard all 8 episodes back to back and love it being a prog1-er geek myself!
    Thanks for all the great comments about Zombo they really cheered me up (not that I need cheering up)and yes, the bit where Brian gets ripped apart by the Deathshadow was a mistake… Al wrote it as one panel and i got carried away and turned it into a three panel sequence which unfortunatly slowed down the story telling, nicly pointed out, Al was right first time.
    And yes that was me at the bar at Bristol Comic Con with the Zombo T-shirt I remember but sorry I only gave you a one word answer, i’m not a knob honest! Keep up the great work, this really is ace stuff…
    reviews on the first few progs are great but can we see a review on specially selected progs… love to hear what you make of say prog 119 or something from the 300-400s.

  2. Crap – only just saw this!

    COOOOL. Does this mean I have to be nice about Shakara now?

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