Everything Comes Back to 2000AD – new link

As some of you might know, after a year or so of hogging the Geek Syndicate’s feed, the Everything Comes Back to 2000AD podcast has now gotten off its collective arse and sorted its own.

The current episode (number 39) is hosted both on the GS feed and on our new one, but from 40 onwards the only way to get them will be to subscribe to us directly. And if you are a 2000AD fan you dont want to miss the next one as graphic novels editor Keith Richardson gives the ENTIRE publishing schedule for 2011.

To get this you can either search for “2000AD” through itunes or your podcast software of choice, you can add the link in manually from our libsyn page, or you can just check the 2000AD forums or our 2000AD website to see when the new direct links go up.

Thanks, and especially thanks to Mr Nugent for setting us up in the first place and giving us somewhere to vent our rubbish for the last year.

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