Film Review – The Town

The Town is the story of Doug Macray, a seasoned bank robber who has got himself into a tricky situation.

He has to balance planning his next bank job, with his emerging feelings for a bank manager, who he has got to know after one of his previous robberies, she may be able to put him and his crew away, and an FBI agent who is fast on his trail is getting nearer every day.

This film is a decent way to spend a couple of hours, the plot is well constructed, if nothing new to this particular genre, the film runs at a fairly decent pace and kept me interested for the most part, I felt however that the film could have done with 20 minuets cutting from the running time.

This film also marks my first experience with Ben Affleck as a director, I had heard all about his first attempt at directing but have yet to watch the film, but, I think he has real ability in this role and will be just keep getting better as he goes along.

The acting was good from the main cast, the stand out stars for me were Jon Hamm as FBI agent Adam Frawley and Pete Postlethwaite as Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm , Postlethwaite conveyed a genuine sense of menace in his performance that stood out and made the caution others showed when dealing with him totally believable. Hamm gave a really solid performance, he had a toughness to his role that was nicely balanced with a sense of intelligence.

Unfortunately there was a let down with some of the cast’s control of the Boston accent, the main culprits were, Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively, there were times when I could genuinely not understand a word they were saying, thankfully I could work out what was going on.

I really enjoyed the action in the robbery scenes, it was really well put together, tense, fast paced and hectic, the camera work was on the right side of hand held motion, just enough movement but I could still tell what was going on.

The Town is a good if not great film with solid enough performances to make it a worthwhile way to spend some of your time.


GS Reviewer: Glen

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