Fringe Season 3 Episode 9 Marionette

Fringe continues with a story which is about broken dreams, broken relationships and broken hearts but also stitches on a  pretty effective if very fairytale weekly adventure too.

There maybe spoilers.

What is the rock solid core of this episode is Olivia dealing with the Peter-Redliva relationship. I get sick to of praising Anna Torv’s acting but here yet again she delivers on every single note. All the bland officialdom that she excluded as Olivia in the early days of Season 2 when I started watching makes this insight into her heartbreak all the more effective. For the working Joes who have to deal with acting betrayed on a seemingly weekly basis in Corrie or ‘Enders – this is how to do it. The uptight Olivia trying to deal with these feelings both on her own and in conversation with Peter and Astrid is masterclass.

To be fair Joshua Jackson also does a very commendable job but it’s Anna Torv that’s doing the heavy lifting here.

Now Anna if it’s not too much trouble can you please deliver a duff performance so I get to change my tone? 

Moving on to the plot – it’s one that helps reflect the heart-break of Olivia – namely a story of a broken heart which is often with some lovely body horror moments and puts the strings of Fringe to work in setting up a nice atmosphere.  Ultimately though it’s a Fairytale by the way of Lovecraft’s Herbert West mixed with a hint of Cronenberg in the execution – especially the dance scene.  Which is no bad thing.  The performers linked to that story do an admirable job but once again the weekly thrills serve to reflect on the human drama.

Just as an aside there was a moment in Olivia apprehending a villan that I thought showed the memory plant of Redlivia might be sticking a bit. Sticking a gun in a perp’s ear when there was no time critical pressure to find the other party – didn’t seem very buy-the-book FBI agent to me?  Maybe her marksmanship is still improved by the process? Or given the Observer relevlations in the tail of the episode – does Walter have to worry? perhaps Walternate is playing a broader. cleverer game?

Of course the schedules have to conspire to keep us guessing until the New Year.

DAMN YOU MURDOCH! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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