Fringe Series 3 Episode 8 Entrada



We good? Then I shall begin.

I would hate for you to feel as if I’d bretrayed you. And to a certain extent that is what this epsiode is about bretrayal. Bretrayal and loyalty.

Firstly there is the betrayal by Redlivia of peter which is wonderfully acted all round and leads intoa  cat and mouse hunt for the traitoress which leads to a climatic stand off which uses the mythology of Fringe very well. it almost makes you think certain things had been inthe arc with that scene in mind.

And then there is a character jounrey which is very much routed in the redverse monster of the week plot last week and makes perfect sense. It gives Lance Derrick a wonderful opportunity to lift his game and further drives the plot. The consequences of those actions will no doubt rattle the surviving Broyles but also leave are rival Olivia’s on the playing board. A lesser show would have forced a confrontation between them or made it a fight to the finish. Fringe likes to get all tantric in extending it’s pleasures even if it likes to keep driving forward. 

Along the ay we get some nice Cronenburg feeling laboratory, a bit of the ald shooty shooty and the Doomsday threat continues to build.

What might leave the seeds of a kernal of possibilities is the typewriter – surely now displomacy becomes an option? In which case will Fringe Season 4 open up into a broader multiverse?


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