Futurama Season 6 Episode 8 – That Darn Katz!

In the latest episode of Futurama, Amy defends her thesis, Nibbler demands more respect, and cats invade earth.

The issue of Amy being a grad student studying under Professor Farnsworth is finally addressed. She has been working on her thesis for 12 years and is understandably a little annoyed when Farnsworth tells her she was ready “years ago”. While the issue of Amy’s doctorate was not one that particularly bothered audiences – maybe because she is a relatively minor character, or because she has more going on – it was good to see it finally resolved. What she will do now is another issue.

There were plenty of funny moments in the episode, such as the evil cat using Homer’s ‘meow meow’ song (from S5 E20 of The Simpsons) as a hailing cry for his spaceship, or the cats enslaving humanity through their cuteness but the problem with the episode was placing Amy as the central character. Amy, as a character, is fine and she has been given some good lines and scenes in the past, but she is just not strong enough to carry an entire episode on her own. She is one of the supporting cast of Futurama, and should be left as such.

All told, the episode was fun and funny, but there was not nearly enough input from the main characters of the show, and this made the episode flounder slightly. Futurama has the potential to be fantastic, so audiences expect more from it than other shows. Let’s hope Futurama lives up to the potential we know it has, and the fantastic episodes we have seen this season – Lethal Inspection and The Late Philip J. Fry.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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