Geek of the Month – Dec 09

mrsmeanieIz aka Mrs Meanie on the Forum

How did you hear about GS ?
My comic-mad husband listened to podcasts a lot and I wondered what the fuss was about – GS was one of the first he recommended and I haven’t looked back 🙂

First GS episode you listened to?
The one with Heath Holland as a LOTM – laughed my arse off although I was very worried about the tree-sex references :/

Fave Comic or comics?
All time favourite – Preacher. Current favourite – The Walking Dead.

One Comic you wish you could burn?
I wouldn’t say burn, but I could give Strangers in Paradise a light singe-ing.

Fave Books or Books? coming soon

Favorite quote from a comic, book or movie? coming soon

Fave movies?
I’m I’m trying to score clever points: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
If I’m honest: Bride of Chucky
Runner-ups: Withnail and I, St Trinians, Shaun of the Dead.

What are you reading at the moment?

Biography of Howard Hughes, a Mark Millar Wolverine Omnibus, The Walking Dead Vol 6, Superpatriot (Kirkman), All Star Batman & Robin Vol.1

How do you fill your spare time?
Editing a podcast, organising a comic convention, reading anything I can get my hands on, playing Guitar Hero badly, wistfully looking at shoes that I can’t afford, and drinking 🙂

Anything to pimp? – 8th August 2009 with [i’ll insert name of guests so far here]
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