Geek Syndicate – Episode 103 Guest Starring Samuel L Jackson and more…No Kidding!

Welcome one and all to the last Geek Syndicate of 2009. In this festive episode we have casting news on Stargate Universe and the Marvel Comics website.


Main Feature

At last we can present our world wide podcast exclusive of our coverage of the UK Press Junket for the Spirit.Those in attendance were show twenty five minutes of footage from the movie.

We (oh and maybe there were a few other reporters there as well) pitched a few questions to Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Frank Miller. They tell us how they came onboard the movie and what people can expect from it. Sam reveals his comic background and we learn just what comics he does carry around in his travel bag.

Enjoy all and Merry Christmas!

That’s it from us for this year but never fear we will be back in the new year (in about a month).
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  1. Cool podcast, chaps!

    Enjoyed the discussion on The Spirit. I also went to the press preview stuff, and was thoroughly unimpressed by the clips we saw. I’ve read The Best of the Spirit and the Darwyn Cooke modern Spirit comics, and don’t think they’ve captured it well on screen at all.

    The press conference was cool though because, well, I’ve never been to anything like that before either.

    Judging from some of the reviews that have been trickling out over the last week, the whole flick isn’t much better than the clips we saw. It’s a shame, ah well.

    Happy Christmas, by the way!


    • geeksyndicate /

      Cheers for the comments Mike. I’ll have to look for you next time I’m lucky enough to attend one of these things! I’ve still not seen the movie but I don’t think I know of anyone how’s been impressed yet.

  2. even mendes is a bit old now but she is still smokin hot and i wanna marry her ~~,

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