Geek Syndicate – Episode 107

Welcome to 107 people!

In this week’s episode the guys look at the upcoming Watchmen movie and share some of their thoughts. They also discover that Hollywood as officially run out of ideas.

Once more we join Dave Mckusky for CON WATCH.

In this week’s Week That Was look out for are reviews/chat for Kaiju, The Last Templar, Atomic Robo: The Dogs of War, Smallville, House of Mystery, Fringe, Lost and Hulk Vs.

In our main feature we talk to Joe Ahearne the creator of Exorcist drama Apparitions and the awesome vampire TV series Ultraviolet

Remember our Competition The lost Watchman is still going head to for more info.

Also Look out for the new GS Watchmen competition ‘ The Lost Watchman’

Episode 107

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