Geek Syndicate – Episode 111

In this feature length special as well as the usual Shoutouts, News, Week we have a special interview.

News: The Flying car is here…sort of, To SyFy or not to SyFy, Cancertown gets one awesome foreword and DC Portfolio review at Bristol

Week that was:50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Video game,Batman Cacophony,Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Gravel, Smallville, BSG (don’t worry it’s spoiler free) and a GS Official Retraction on Punisher War Zone

Main Feature: Interview with Adrian Hodges, the co-creator of Primeval. We chat with Adrian about how Primeval came to be, how the cast came to together and a look forward at season 3. There’s also talk about his work on the Survivors remake and the two Sally Lockhart stories he adapted for the BBC.

We round off the interview with some words of wisdom from Adrian to any budding writers out there.


Episode 111

Listen online [Audio]

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