Geek Syndicate – Episode 126

Welcome to another fifty five minute tour through the geekdom.
In the this week’s News: We find out what exactly is a SFX weekender and chat about a new way of recording TV ratings.

Week that was: Robin Hood series finale,The Black Beetle, Ghost Zero, Doc Monster, Detective Comics 854, The Good The Bad and The Weird and the Ghostbusters game. Helping us with our week that was is none other Scott Wegener, artist on the awesome Atomic Robo from Red 5 Comics.

Main: The first half of our interview with Scott. We cover his geek credentials, some of his fave comics, how he became involved with Atomic Robo and how the comic was picked up by Red 5 Comics.

Coming soon part 2 of the interview


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  1. Scott! /

    Hey I wasn’t late, you guys started early!

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