Geek Syndicate – Episode 146 SFX Weekender Special

Welcome back everyone to the world of Geekdom as seen through the crazy eyes of David Montieth and Barry Nugent.

Apologies for having to miss a week due to techinal issues but we’re now back on track to bring you all the news, reviews and interviews we can lay our grubby hands on.

News: Supernatural season 6 ?, Brightest Day gets some bling, Dracula gets a reboot and news on Sherlock Holmes 2

Week That Was: Heroes, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, 24, Sanctuary Atomic Robo beyond time, Fables Volume 12 and more

Main: We get the low down on the upcoming geek extravaganza that is the SFX weekender from the editor of the SFX magazine, David Bradley.


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One comment

  1. Dion /

    Enjoyed the episode guys. Really must get round to watching Supernatural one of these days. Mind you, I’m only on season 3 of Babylon 5. Ahem.

    I. Cannot. Wait. for the weekender event, it’s sounding better and better the more I hear.

    Oh, and I laughed my ass off at ‘Battle For The Cow.’

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