Geek Syndicate Episode 177 – Mark Millar Kapow Interview Special

Join Dave and Barry for another trip through the world of geekdom.


James Bond to return to the big screen, some rumoured Dark Knight Rises casting and the awesomeness that is Phoenix Jones, a real life kick ass .

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We catch up with comic writer and the driving force behind the Kapow Comic Con Mark Millar. In this exclusive interview we chat with mark about his reason for starting the con, what people can expect who attend and where he sees the con in relation to the other UK comic cons. Mark goes deeper into what he means by bringing the ‘San Diego Experience’ to the UK. We then get into some questions regarding the Stan Lee Awards,VIP tickets, the guest list, indie creators and the infamous Movie X. We round-up with some non Kapow questions including the status of the Old Man Logan Sequel.

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This week we have an exclusive preview pdf containing  pages from Blue Spear the latest title coming soon from Com.x


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  1. Posy Simmonds. She even had a film out based on one of her comics last year…

  2. I hope the Con lives up to his words. I know lots of people doubt he can put on an A-list convention, but I’m hopeful. He’s going to look like a complete bullsh*tter if he doesn’t live up to those words.

  3. Marvelous America Comics /

    Mark Millar. Another typically inbred backward british scum that America is supposed to buy to support its inbred backward island empire of dumb heinous nothing liars and its inbred backward personal practices and its inbred and heinous political and antiscientific crimes. Let’s get back into comics, shall we. I think so, and I’m not the only one.

    • geeksyndicate /

      I approved this comment so everyone can see the sort of comments we don’t want on this website.

      Oh and we won’t be approving anymore of your comments so don’t bother.

      Bye bye

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