Geek Syndicate – Episode 183

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Welcome to Episode 183 of Geek Syndicate, your podcast guide to the murtky underbelly of Geekdom.


The Diease Control website crashes under weight of it’s zombie defence plan, The Napoleon of Crime gets his own comic, Runemaster studio opens up new pulp division, Disney finds it’s Lone Ranger ,Torchwood web series spin off and Warehouse 13 spin off

Week that Was

Brightest Day – Vol – 1, Flashpoint #1, The Blue Spear, Community,Smallville and Dr Who

We take a look at some of the pilots and projects for this year which never got picked up and decide whether the networks were right or wrong.

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  1. montoc1701 /

    Yeah big love to Hawaii Five-0. Am loving the comedy and the relationship between two leads.

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