Geek Syndicate meets Damian Kindler, Creator of Sanctuary

Join Barry and Dave in the second of their summer special interview.

In this episode they catch up again with Damian Kindler, the creator and co-writer of the Sci Fi series Sanctuary.

Daiman talks about how filming season 2 has gone and what fans can expect when the show airs in October. There are also some revelations in the time and and energy that goes into making a, special effects heavy, show like Sanctuary and it’s demands on the cast and crew.

Damian reveals some of his favourite Sanctuary episodes and the characters he enjoys writing most.

Look out for brief William Shatner and Christopher Walken impressions!


Direct download: DK2interview2.mp3

Find out about Sanctuary:

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  1. Fabulous interview! Thanks so much for getting Damian back on, he’s so entertaining, as are you guys of course 😉
    Oh and thanks for asking my question 🙂


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