Good Morning Geekdom – Episode 1


While Dave is off working for the summer and there is no Geek Syndicate we bring you Good Morning Geekdom to feel the GS void.

Join your hosts Barry and Iz as they take a fun look at the crazy world of geekdom.  In the main section there is news from around the web about Sherlock Holmes, War Eagles, Warren Ellis unleashes his pen on a new King Arthur film, True Lies 2 and more.

In ‘Gateway to Geekdom’  our hosts each give a recommendation of something (TV show, Film, comic or whatever) which could bring people into the world of geekdom.

Finally there is the BIG REVIEW in which we review just one thing in this case we take a look at Green Latern: First Flight (spoilers)


Direct download: GMG_ep1.mp3

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