Happy Three Years Geek Syndicate.Thanks for listening!

Technically we uploaded our first episode on 30th sept three years ago and put it out on the 1st of October. I cannot, however, remember the exact date we sat down and recorded our very first episode. I know it was sometime in September so I figured what the hell as we’re coming back properly next week after our hiatus might well just say happy three year anniversary  for this month!

Bloody crazy when I think about the fact we’ve been doing this for three years and I never thought we’d even do an episode 2. Even crazier about some of the stuff we’ve been able to do and some of the folks we’ve lucky enough to talk to.

Anyway thanks to everyone who listens to the podcast, comments on the forum, sends us emails, attends our panels and just supports us in any shape or form. You guys kick ass!

Special thanks to all you lot who help out with the GS website by either sending in news/ reviews/ columns or posting  up stuff yourself it is very much appreciated.

Hopefully we’ll still be here next year to celebrate 4 years if Dave and I haven’t become deadly enemies by then. Don’t laugh look at Clark and Lex in Smallville…it can happen

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Stacey W /

    Happy Birthday boys. I think you are both fabulous, you are the most supportive, encouraging and inclusive guys. The podcast is bloody wonderful too. Heres to three more years!

  2. Ana Carolina - Kes /

    Parabéns! (Happy Birthday!) Keep up the great and fun work!

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