Who the heck is Hector Hammond? [Green Lantern movie news]

Yes, Green Lantern die-hards, giggle at my ignorance. You probably have somewhere in you brain that Hector Hammond is this dude right here:

Look at the big brain on Hector!

What Green Lantern readers may not know is that Hec is said to be making an appearance as a villain opposite Ryan “I’ve got the Big Two locked down” Reynolds. Again, as a reader who is ignorant of all things Green Lantern, I don’t know how much of a threat Hector Hammond has been to Hal Jordan.

My guess is that he’s not the main baddie, but just an appetizer to a bigger bad. Rumor also says that Peter Sarsgaard may take the role of Hammond.

He’s got enough real estate on that noggin to play Hector Hammond, right? Um, I’m sorry Mr. Sarsgaard. Add this to Blake Lively’s recent casting announcement as Carol Ferris. So where is Sinestro? Hmm…

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