Heroes Season 4: 2-hour Season Premiere (‘Orientation,’ ‘Jump, Push, Fall’)

It’s another season of Heroes, and I’m still watching it! It may just be the need to see this show through to the end, or the addition of Prison Break’s Robert Knepper, but I will watch Heroes season 4 until its finale.

If you’re still with Heroes let’s take a look at what all the remaining characters are up to, and what the new characters have in store for them.

Claire Bennet

A few minutes into Claire’s college life and I am sickened. A Facebook mention? Guitar Hero? Oh, how hip and with it you are, Heroes writers. To add to that, we have Claire’s roommate, who is fast-talking and obnoxious. On the plus side, Claire meets Gretchen, a character who is much more tolerable.

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro has merged the power he has as heir to his father’s company and his superhuman abilities as master of time and space to do a heroes -or-hire style service with his pal, Ando. Unfortunately, Hiro and Ando are not fighting bank robbers or mad scientists. Instead, they are providing everyday help. Hiro’s powers aren’t working well these days, and they end up working against him.

Hiro’s also back to screwing with the future. He’s the one who’s most against time travelling, and yet he doesn’t see anything wrong from doing it- AGAIN.

The Petrelli Family

Speaking of heroic acts, Peter has taken the abilities from Mohinder Suresh and put them to great use as a paramedic. It’s good to see the heroes actually being more heroic this season. With Suresh’s powers,  Peter can be the first responder on the scene and pull wreckage apart with his bare hands as well.

Elsewhere, Angela Petrelli is having a nice dinner with a psychopath who’s been mentally manipulated into becoming Nathan Petrelli, both inside and out. This is the creepiest aspect of Heroes right now. Just to think of sitting across from someone who is not really who you pretend he is is just revolting.

If there is something Heroes ever gets right, it usually involves Sylar. I think the Sylar character is something that the crew of Heroes should be proud of. It’s only a matter of time before Sylar comes back at full power, and I welcome his return, even though he’s incredibly overpowered.

Tracy Strauss

Tracy, with the ability to change her entire body into water, is using her powers to kill the remains of Denko’s anti superhuman team, including Noah Bennet. I wonder where this character is going this season, after she gets her revenge? Heroes seems to love killing these sisters played by Ali Larter, so why not complete the set?  Could she possibly hook up with the newly single Noah? She’s not above being with older men.

Matt Parkman

Matt’s back to playing daddy, but you know that cannot last for long, especially when he’s got part of Sylar swimming in his brain. I’m still under the assumption that Matt could turn evil, and with Sylar toying with his mind, he could very well become a villain. Matt is a “user,” after all.

The Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Now, for the newbies. We are introduced to them burying Joseph; his cause of death isn’t made clear. It most likely had something to do with Denko’s crusade to kill or capture most superhumans. Some of the members of this carnival “family” include Lydia, whose powers aren’t really clear to me; Edgar (Ray Park), who’s getting his Quicksilver on; finally, at the head, we have Samuel (the aforementioned Robert Knepper). He’s doing some vaguely Irish accent, but it’s all forgiven since Knepper was so fun to watch as T-bag on Prison Break.

Rate it: 4

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a season premire. You’ve had time to think about how you’re going to knock your viewers dead. It’s after this where I’ll start get worried. No, I am not proclaiming “Heroes is back!” Heroes is Heroes and I hope that other viewers don’t get excited with every above average episode and tell their friends to come back. I feel that Heroes has left their lost viewers behind.

Dry Slaps: 2

Ray Park loses to Milo Ventimiglia in a fight? I wouldn’t expect that in real life or on a TV show. What a lazy kick he threw!

The other dry slap goes to Hiro. What a destroyed character. For the writers, Hiro is a punching bag, always being set up just to get knocked down. He would be my favorite hero, if not for the fact that he’s always losing!

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