Indie Asylum – Episode 2 ‘Music’

The hills are alive with the sound of music, well, mostly crying and screaming, but there’s definitely some music out there. Here at Indie Asylum there’s always something to sing about and this week’s show is no exception, as we get the band back together and serve up some aural delights for you to judge. Like some kind of warped, indie gaming X-Factor. Though without the shit and the shame.

Direct Download: Episode 2

Listen Online:

Tonight’s contestants are:

1. Auditorium – $9.99 (free demo) and Fractal – $9.99 (free demo)

2. Audio Surf – Steam £5.99

3. Beat Hazard – Steam £6.99 / Xbox Live Indie Games – 400 points


Record Tripping-

Musaic Box – Steam £3.99

Synaethete – Free Download

Raycatcher – Steam £3.99

Rhythm Zone – Steam £5.35

Indie Love: Cobalt – Trailer / Oxeye Studios / Music by Anosou

Twitter – @IndieAsylum


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  1. Damn, for some reason the links aren’t working on here! If you go to Indie Asylum you’ll find all the clickable links for all the games. Not quite sure how that’s happened.

    • geeksyndicate /

      links should be fixed now..sorry about that.

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