Indy Review : I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1


How does one Review an Indy game like this.  It’s hard.  IMAGWZ1I is a brilliant take on the Dual Stick Shooter genre (Smash TV)  The fact is that yes, He made a game with zombies in it.  You run around with the left stick and aim with the right stick.  The power-ups are relatively generic with the usual spread shot, lasers, flame thrower, machine gun, shotgun, etc. and if I were to review it just on that I probably wouldn’t consider it a great game.  What makes it a great game is the brilliant use of music.

The game starts with a catchy jingle about a guy who made a game with zombies in it that only costs a dollar.  As the music changes the gameplay changes.  The chorus hits and that slow wave of zombies suddenly becomes a ton of them.  The music slows a bit and suddenly Jellies that explode into multiple little jellies start coming at you, then it speeds up a bit and the notes stretch and centipedes start coming out.  After a while the chorus and the zombies pick back up and then once again the music shift to a very atmospheric and mellow vibe.  And suddenly you are playing Asteroids.  Then of course the music goes back to the chorus for a bit and we get back to the zombies.  At this point I’m wondering what can happen and the music goes techy a bit and suddenly it’s almost Geometry Wars with rhombusi, (rhombi, rhombuses?) of murdering death.  After this instead of going back to the zombies things just go completely insane as everything and more is thrown at you in an epic crescendo on pain and death.  Of course finally we get back to the main theme and the song ends.  When the song ends, it’s game over.  A mere 15 or so minutes after you started this epic adventure of zombie destruction.

Seriously.  I don’t talk much about indy games but if you buy one make sure it’s this.  What would have been a generic game uses perfect design choices to go from what should be boring to an epic thing of beauty.  Plus, it’s only a dollar.  Go hit the Indy games section and buy this bad boy NOW!

Stars (out of 5) – 4 Stars.  I have to take away one because of the uselessness of the laser.  But other than that it’s a great game and well worth the 80 Microsoft Magic Monies.

Dry Slaps (Out of 5) – none.  it really is a great game.  I would have payed $5 for this.

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  1. 80 Bill Gates cash monies is an absolute steal for this game. Bought it today and haven’t stopped playing all day. Old school addictive fun and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT will be buzzing around my head all day, music is ingeniously catchy.

  2. frisky /

    iv played this with my bro and he found out that the song is 13 and a 1/2 minutes long now thats a long song

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