Interested in working with Geek Syndicate?

As you know the world of Geekdom never sleeps and here at Geek Syndicate myself, Dave and a few others try our best to bring you all the latest news, reviews and anything else we can think of that relates to all things geek.

We are always on the look out for like-minded folk who are interested in contributing to the GS website. We can’t offer any payment but for regular contributors there may be the option of attending screenings, covering conventions and other events, conducting interviews, reviewing the latest cinema and DVD releases, comics,games, books etc. If you don’t feel that reviewing is your thing then there are other ways to help with the website, just get in touch.

Our goal is not to be another niche ‘only geeks need apply website’ but rather to try and just give some fun entertainment for people and to shatter the stereotypical image of the geek and replace it with an image that’s more accurate, inclusive and overall more fun…it’s a tall order but we’re trying.

Rather than having a select and elite group of people involved with the site we want geeks who just love being a geek and talking about the stuff they love and what’s going on in the world of Geekdom. If it means we end up with a thousand like minded geek submitting to the site then so be it…after all we are a syndicate!

If you think this is something you might be up for then please drop us a line at [email protected]

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