Interview with Sanctuary creator Damian Kindler


Interview with Damian Kindler

In this solo interview Barry chats with Damian Kindler the creator, executive producer, and writer of the TV show Sanctuary.  Damian  reveals  how Sanctuary came to be, spills some info on season2 and the Sanctuary universe.   Damian also explains why he would rather be writing scripts than novels.  The joys of Twitter and the first ever Sanctuary Con is also discussed.

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  1. Sanka /

    This was a terrible interview. Facebook? Twitter? Very professional. Try preparing some actual questions and not wasting everyone’s time. Fail.

  2. roguespirit /

    You know what. I agree with the above comment about the twitter thing, but 1) despite that there was a hell of a lot of info in there that I found fascinating and 2) find a better way to express yourself I won’t tolerate rudeness on this site, I love the Geek world and the Geek fraternity and that tone is not what we are about.

  3. Photonic /

    Yeah, Sanka could have expressed his feelings more politely, but I agree with the criticism. The interview came across more as a means to plug the interviewer’s book and to curry favor with the folks at Sanctuary than anything else. Perhaps a few more new questions about the show instead of the same old “how did Sanctuary begin?” spiel would have helped. And the twitter stuff was just not cool at all. I don’t want to come across as rude as Sanka, but this just wasn’t that good.

  4. SFAfan /

    I kind of have to disagree with you lot. Twitter seriously is the gateway to so many people on scifi. You honestly have no idea what kind of a gateway that is. (obvi that you don’t have a twitter account! hehe) But to now know that Damian’s on twitter, is kinda a cool thing. We can get updates about what’s going on with filming of sanctuary!

    Plus. I suppose that people who don’t like the twitter thing, really aren’t that hardcore of Sanctuary fans. Because… if I remember correctly (and I’m pretty sure I do) but sanctuary’s whole shindig was this idea of getting the fans involved via the web, and getting them participating with the show as it evolves. It’s why they started out as a web series, and it’s a model that Amanda has said over and over again that she wants to go back to… this idea of user-interface, of feeling like you’re connected to a larger something. And by bringing up twittering… well… that’s just a new social medium that’s come out recently that can be utilized!

    As for the book pluggin, let’s just remember that in all honesty, Damian brought up the book first… the interviewer never actually plugged his book, he was commended about it by the creator of a great tv show. (Perhaps it’s jealousy I’m sensing?)

    Dude… great interview. I think you got some amazing points about season 2, which now has me so excited about it. I mean… I was psyched before, but now I’m even more ecstatic! I can imagine that Damian, really doesn’t have everything that fully flushed out yet, so the only real tidbits we got were from what they’re filming right now.

    I think, all in all, though short… it was a darn good interview! Thanks man!

  5. Raylenth /

    SFAfan, it may not be what you intended but saying if you do not like Twitter then you aren’t a hard core Sanctuary fan is offensive.

  6. SFAfan /

    meep. That was a mistake. Forgive me!

    What I meant… really… was that, The idea of the interactivity of twitter, allows us to go back to the ideals that sanctuary had set forth originally. Getting people involved on the internet… allowing fans to feel like they were part of something larger, rather than sitting in their own homes, and having to simply watch the show, exclusively.

    A lot of people are coming into this show from the tv-show only, and don’t realize that it was a fledgling online webseries with a lot of potential, and EVERYONE… including the people who worked at sanctuary, and the fans helped to push it along. It was because of that ability to feel like you were a part of something larger that really made it feel inclusive, and still does. I think it’s great that damian is willing to take the question about twitter and start using it… simply because of a podcast, and a couple of fans asking him to. It just goes back to the beginning of sanctuary, which really was… Damian’s wonderful vision, given life by an amazing cast of actors, and driven by a fanbase that was willing to try something new.

  7. Holo San /

    Nah, twitter is just the latest tech fad, designed to appeal to those of us with too much free time on our hands. Lump it in with facebook and myspace. It’s something that appeals to early adapters, teens, and folks so conceited that they believe other random strangers actually give a crap what they’re doing every minute of the day. If it’s even around in five years you can color me surprised.

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