“It’s a Gundam!” helping to promote an Olympic bid!?

Now THATS a Gundam!

Now THAT'S a Gundam!

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the landmark anime Mobile Suit Gundam a “life-size” Gundam replica, which stands about 30+ feet tall,  was built in Japan, complete with moveable parts and an awesome light show housed in its body.

So what do you do with it now? Well, if you’re Japan, you could promote your 2016 Olympics bid with a big hand from a certain giant robot! Japan is one of the countries vying to be the home of the 2016 Olympics, and at this point they are the front-runners.

By 2016 this Gundam statue will be long gone, but if Japan gets to host the Olympics  in 2016, they will have to give thanks in part to one of their biggest supporters.

Source: Anime Vice

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