Jean Van Hamme launches Largo Winch movie and cult series XIII in London

Anyone who listens to our podcast knows that Barry and I have a growing love of European comics and none more so than Largo Winch.  Last year a Largo Winch movie was produced and we both loved loved loved the trailer but it has proved really hard to get hold of this movie over here, well rejpice Largo Winch fans because it’s being released on DVD this year and Jean Van Hamme the author of Largo Winch is coming over to celebrate and you can watch the movie with him.

Featured in May 2009 on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, Jean Van Hamme is one of the most successful contemporary European comic writers. The author comes to London on 5th  May 2010.

Based on the comic book  and novels by Philippe Francq and Jean Van Hamme, “Largo Winch:  Deadly Revenge”—starring Tomer Sisley & Kristin Scott Thomas—will be shown exclusively at the Ciné Lumière from 30th April and will then be released on DVD on August 16th.

Jean Van Hamme will also be launching an English version of XII, his incredibly succesful comic.

XIII A man washes ashore—barely alive, a bullet hole in his head. On his shoulder, a tattoo of the Roman number XIII. And not a single memory of who he was, or how he got there. No sooner has he been nursed back to his feet by kind rescuers than armed goons track him down and attempt to kill him.  Relentlessly pursued by assassins and secret agents, the man known as XIII begins a long quest to explore his past and recover his identity…

From a presidential assassination to a coup d’état in South America; from a deadly conspiracy within the  corridors of Washington DC to a break-out from a high-security prison for the criminally insane;  through  an ever increasing list of aliases… XIII will forge on against formidable odds and powerful, merciless opponents, until he knows, at last, who he is.

XIII definetly has the status of ‘cult’ series, selling over 10 million copies of 19 books.   His historical fantasy series Thorgal has sold over 13 million copies and Largo Winch has sold over 10 million copies, so I am truly looking forward to this launch and everything else Cinebook has to offer.

Jean Van Hamme’s schedule is as follows

Jean Van Hamme in London, 5th May 2010
17h00 ‐ 19h00 Book signing French Bookshop – 28 Bute Street – South


20h30 ‐ 22h00 “Largo Winch” screening and special


French Institute – Ciné Lumière ‐

Queensberry Place ‐ South Kensington

23h00 ‐ 0h30 “XIII” series Launch London French Wednesday  ‐ Movida

Club, 8 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TF

All of the above mentioned series are available through the fantastic publisher Cinebook –

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  1. Huge Largo Winch fan. Very excited about this!

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