Keeley Hawes Confirmed to appear at the SFX Weekender

Along with Keeley Hawes the SFX weekender 2 are also boasting Sir Terry Pratchett, Anthony Stewart Head,Sylvia Anderson and George Takei to name but a few are all folks I’d love to have a few words with. So far this sounds like a great line up and hopefully we may get a few last minute additions.

I’ll be interested to see what these done with the feedback from last year’s show and what changes and new additions attendees can expect.

Keeley Hawes the Ashes To Ashes star is the latest name to be confirmed and announced as appearing at the SFX Magazine Weekender Camber Sands next February 4th and 5th where she will be joining the likes of author Sir Terry Pratchett,  Actor Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Merlin) , Sylvia Anderson (The voice of Lady Penelope for Thunderbirds) , George Takei(Star Trek) , Sally Knyvette (Blakes 7) , Robert Rankin (author) and Craig Charles (Red Dwarf/Coronation st/Radio 6) who will be playing the tunes with one of his highly acclaimed classic DJ sets. All making for one unforgettable weekend.

Keeley has travelled back in time to the 1980s, saved the UK from terrorists as a member of MI5, and been an obtainer of rare antiquities so successful that even Indiana Jones would stand up and take notice. Now Keeley Hawes is coming to Camber Sands in February 2011 to appear at the SFX Weekender 2.

Keeley’s now best known for being more than a match for the legendary Gene Hunt as time-travelling copper Alex “Bolly Knickers” Drake in the brilliant Ashes To Ashes, but even before she went back in time, her starring role in the first three seasons of top spy show Spooks had established her as one of the hottest acting talents in the UK.

Arguably her most famous role, however, is as the voice of aristocratic Tomb Raider Lara Croft – you might not know it, but Keeley’s lent her vocal cords to the iconic videogame character since 2006.  She’s also recently appeared in ITV police drama Identity, and has just finished filming an update of Upstairs, Downstairs. But now it’s off to the SFX Weekender…

The SFX Weekender 2 takes place at Camber Sands holiday camp in East Sussex on Friday 4 February and Saturday 5th February 2011, with our Pre-Party on Thursday 3rd February for the early birds. VIP tickets are already sold out, and tickets for the pre-party are going fast, but there are still other options available. Make sure you get yours before it’s too late! Book now by calling 08700 11 00 34, or head to<> for more information.

The SFX Weekender2011 promises fans of sci-fi and fantasy the chance to immerse themselves in a galaxy of culture for two days. The weekend festival at Pontin’s Camber Sands is curated by SFX,  the world’s number one sci-fi and fantasy magazine.This is is your opportunity to experience a phenomenal weekend in the company of like-minded sci-fi addicts

Keeley appears * Subject to work commitments.

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Source: SFX Weekender 2

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