LEGO Star Wars: The Old Republic Toys Coming This Summer

The LEGO Group is building on its range of Star Wars products with the first toysets based on The Old Republic. Two vehicles from Electronic Arts’ best-selling BioWare-developed MMORPG will be available in the UK from July 28th. Jedi fans will no doubt favour the Red Talon Starfighter (below), which will retail at £39.99, while the higher-end Fury Class Interceptor (bottom) is priced at £79.99. Star Wars: The Old Republic was released for PC back in December. The subscription-based MMO is currently free to play as part of a weekend promotion. The game has sold more than 2m copies since its debut.

LEGO has previously released toys based on the original Star Wars films, the prequels and the Clone Wars cartoon series. It also launched sets based on characters and vehicles from LucasArts video game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.


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