Merlin Series 4 Teasers: Not Official But They Should Be!

Everyone has likely uttered these words at one point: “I can make something better than that!” when looking at promotional material put out by movie and/or television studios. While there are plenty of great posters out there I’m pretty sure that I”m not the only one who wishes that they could get hired by XYZ network to design their promo materials.

Well, one fan of BBC’s Merlin has taken matters into her own hands — Brightporclain created some amazing posters promoting the fourth series of the hit show. In my opinion, they give off a more epic and adult vibe a la HBO’s Game of Thrones and Starz’s Camelot that I hope the series is moving towards.

Check out a few below (click to enlarge) and more behind the cut! Do you have a favorite?

Source: Brightporclain
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  1. godannotook /

    Brilliant these are wonderful – a thousand times better than anything the BBC has done. The BBC doesn’t seem to have a clue how to promote support or showcase Merlin.

    • elaine /

      The BBC support Merlin really well, they may not do posters as good at these but they do a good website and link to other merlin blogs and have given more money to make 13 eps instead of 10. It is a national past time to slag of the BBC yet without them we wouldn’t have seen half the good stuff we have.

      • Sharlene M /

        And I definitely agree with you that the BBC has been amazing in supporting the show. However, I don’t think I’m alone in wishing that they’d raise the level of quality in the design of their promo material. The focus may just not be there with all the work that goes into making a series such as Merlin, but I think highlighting work (fan-created or officially-created) is important.

  2. Balinor /

    My favorites are the one with the knights and the sword in the stone.
    But I like some of the series 2 and 3 posters even more. Look at these:
    The Crystal Cave
    The Eye of the Phoenix
    The Lady of the Lake

    Absolutely amazing.

    • Sharlene M /

      Agreed – the episode posters are incredible, wish the BBC would do something like this for each ep. Doubt it but one can hope!

  3. Hi guys!
    I’m really honoured that you’d make an article about my posters – the response I’ve been getting is amazing for someone like me.
    Some of the nice people I’ve been talking to on Tumblr have actually gone and made a petition to have my posters be the official ones 🙂
    You can sign it here:
    Thanks you guys, your support is really what makes me want to keep making these posters!

  4. Lozza /

    I love the top one with Merlin in his green cloak, I’ve actually put it as my desktop background xxx
    My second favourite would definitely have to be the one of Arthur xxx
    I just wish there was one of Melin and Arthur together 🙁

    • Lozza /

      Or maybe merlin should have gold eyes !!!! 😀

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