Michael Fassbender: This Man, This Magneto!

Michael Fassbender’s name has gotten hot in the geek world because he has been attached to X-men: First Class, playing a young Magneto. Who is this guy, though?

Let’s begin with the badass:

This is, ah, one for the Fassbender lovers, but it also gives you a good taste of Fassbender’s role in 300

Now let’s see Fassbender once again taking part in ancient war:

A trailer for Centurion, and it looks damn good!

This is a trailer for Hunger, with Fassbender in the main role. This movie looks really good. I might have to check it out!

As any who have seen will remember, Magneto was in a concentration camp during WWII. The flashback of Magneto using his powers as a child was one of the more memorable scenes from the X-movies. Hunger may be an example of Fassbender’s dramatic range.

I was just on board with Fassbender because he might look the part. Now that I learn more about him, I think he might just be the right person to work opposite James McAvoy (Wanted).

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  1. Red Five /

    I am a huge Michael Fassbender fan and positively eep’d with excitement when I read this last week. He was awesome in Hunger and by that I mean the adjective, inspiring awe, not just ‘awesome dude’.

    Let’s hope he can bring his skills together to not destry that part! I have every faith in him.

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