More items added to Charity Auction for the Gracie Martin Donation Fund!

As you know we are gearing up for our charity auction next week and we’ve had a few more folks approaching us with items to add into the auction pot.

First off a big thank you to Iz, Harold , Lauren Monardo and Wakefield Carter for stepping up and offering these items as we really weren’t expecting it so that’s great. Hopefully with so many cool items we can raise a bit of cash for Gracie’s donation fund next week.
So without further ado first up we have Lauren Monardo, the co creator of “The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs’  amongst other things including some work on the awesome Venture Bros cartoon.

Lauren has kindly donated a kick ass piece of original art from “The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs”
Next up is Iz McAuliffe of the Comic Racks podcast who has kindly donated the DC Encyclopedia

Harold Jennett, artist extraodinaire who is offering a guest spot in the Geek Syndicate Webcomic.

Lastly we have Wakefield Carter who has donated these awesome Termight Replicas Judge Dredd Belt Buckle and Dan
Dare Cap Badge

Remember the auction kicks off Monday 14th December folks.

Regardless of the outcome when Gracie gets older she’ll know that her Dad passing inspired all us geeks to get together and do something cool.

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