Voices of the Syndicate – Nuge’s Ten Fave Sci-fi Spin offs and Spoofs

I love a good spoof and there’s the important word ‘good’. These days it seems to be getting harder  to do a good spoof (I’m looking at you Meet the Spartans, Superhero movie, Disaster movie and Epic movie) .

Anyway I thought I’d put some some of my fave spoofs of the Sci-Fi genre. Now I’m not going to limit these to entire films or Tv shows. I’ve seen some stuff that has only been a few minutes long but has made me cry real tears and nearly give myself a hernia laughing.

So here we go in no particular order (cause I always struggle with ranking stuff).


1 . Darth Vadar Meets Snatch. This one has been doing the rounds on youtube for a while now. Some bright spark has combined the dialogue of Guy Ritchie’s film Snatch with some classic Darth Vader  scenes. Definitely not one for the kids or those averse to swearing but if you’re neither of those it’s great stuff.

“Feed em to the pigs Harold.”


2. Robot Chicken: Star Wars – Now I’d never even heard of Robot Chicken until late last year and to be honest the idea didn’t appeal to me. I then saw a few clips and was hooked. I picked up the first of the Star Wars spoofs and it was spot on. If you’ve not seen this dvd, like a good laugh and are a Star Wars fans then you missing out. For me the funniest scenes are the  Emperor’s reaction to being told of the Death Star destruction and a scene with possibly the unluckiest alien  in the Star Wars universe.


3 . Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2 – I figured after the first one A) they can’t they top the first one and B) What’s left to make fun of? Boy was wrong on both counts.

This time around the show is longer and someone even funnier than the first one.  Boba Fett and Lando (voiced by the man  himself Billy Dee) kicks ass in this edition. If you liked the first one you’ll love this one it’s as simple as that. Don’t believe me then check out our audio review.


4. Family Guy’s Blue Harvest – I really enjoyed this one although by the end I wanted to take a lightsaber to the old perv who played Obi Wan as he annoyed the hell out of me. Even though this was a fun take on Star Wars there are some great little segments throughout the series poking fun at Star Wars. Check out this top ten list of Family guy Star Trek spoofs


5. Futurama – Love this show and they have pretty much pulled the trousers down of every Sci-fi show and film out there. The guy who is basically a rip off of Captain Kirk but without trousers steals every scene he’s in. Somewhere William Shatner is crying.


6. Bunnies do Star Trek: Wrath of Khan – Yes you heard right. This clip does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a 30 second flash animation of bunnies acting out the Star Trek epic.  Check out the bunny Khan…badass.


7. Troops – again another one that has been doing the rounds on youtube. This is a spoof of  Star Wars and the reality show Cops. Cameras follow around some Imperial troopers in a fly on the wall documentary style.


8. Spook does cribs – This is what you get when you cross Star Trek with Cribs and throw in a splash of robot chicken


9. Spook Does Karaoke. Same Deal as Spock does cribs but karaoke style. You will never look at Bobby Brown’s  ‘My Perrogative’ in the same way.


10. Galaxy Quest – Actors from a Star Trek style TV show are recruited to save a real life alien race…hilarity ensues. Alan Rickman in his pre Harry Potter days cracked me up as did Tim Allen for a change (though he was ace as Buzz  in Toy story).

“Never give up, Never Surrender!”

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