One Idiots Opinion #10

Crap, not done one of these for AGES.

Anyway, here’s my uninformed take on some recent nerdy news

Insomnia go bye bye

Yeah, indy (indie? I can never remember) publisher Insomnia have gone the way of the dodo and Gary Wilmott. Now there’s been lots flying around the internet about the why’s and wherefore’s on this which range from “It’s a shame” to “They folded out of spite purely because they hate me”. From what I saw this really seemed like they started off with good intentions and just over reached themselves. They had multiple titles in production but seemed to struggle to actually get any out… and I should know having had a completed book sat with them since February this year. I genuinely don’t think there was any evil scheme going on and my only real complaint about how everything was handled was the lack of communication once it did all go tits up. Had everyone involved got a “Sorry, it’s not working out financially, I have to shut shop” email then I don’t think anyone would have felt anything other than sympathy and disappointment. As it was, finding out they were closing from the internet and waiting a few worrying weeks before getting the official letter was a bit of a kick in the balls.

So there you have it. The official inside line on Insomnia closing (or mine anyway)… it was a bit of a kick in the balls.

Dredd script / Casting

Firstly Karl Urban has been cast as Dredd which seems to be universally seen as a good call by even the most hardcore 2000AD nut. He showed in the dumb but fun Doom that he had action chops and his work in the Lord of the Rings and Trek movies showed he could act as well. He seems into it and has assured everyone the helmet stays on, so all cool. Also he’s young enough that if this does take off we can get the trilogy they are doubtless aiming for.

I’ve also read a copy of the script floating around which I’ve been assured by a reliable source is the real one. Now obviously this will change a lot between now and the movie’s release, but it still gives you the basic story and feel of the film and as a Dredd fan I gotta say I’m chuffed to f*ck with it. Its hardcore action, Dredd is a total badass and everything feels… well.. right. Some people have, wrongly, accused it of being a Die Hard ripoff based on the fact that like in Die Hard, Dredd spends 90% of the film running a gauntlet in a locked tower block.  But as 2000AD readers know, Mega City one tower blocks arent Nakatomi towers, they are vertical cities. All this premise does is answer the “Why doesn’t he just call for backup” question and allow you to see Dredd kicking some arse without 50 other Judges alongside him. Im seriously excited for this movie and while I do have a soft spot for the Stallone movie that is the Adam West version of Judge Dredd, this is the Christian Bale one. I would however expect a cinematic version then an uncut dvd as the script is bloody as hell.

Fantastic Four remake in the works?

Apparently, with Adrian Brody in line to play Reed Richards. I personally think the two FF movies got a bit of a rough ride. Yeah, they were silly but I thought it was nice they made a few of these big blockbuster superhero movies that people would actually feel happy taking their 8 year old kids to.  That said, the thought of seeing an all cgi Thing (yeah, that doesn’t sound wrong AT ALL) is pretty cool. Also it would be nice to see someone as Sue Storm who actually suited blue eyes as Alba in the last one had a freaky albino vibe going on. Wondering if this will get rushed into pre-production so they can announce a new Human Torch before Chris Evans debuts as Captain America.

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