Please nominate Geek Syndicate in the 2009 Podcast Awards

Some of you guys on twitter have already seen this but for those who haven’t the nominations have now started for the 2009 Podcast Awards. So if you enjoy the podcast and want to support us then please nominate Geek Syndicate for the ‘Best Entertainment Podcast’.

The Nominations process closes @ 2359 October, 18th.

Even if you don’t nominate GS then please nominate your fave podcast. Although all the podcasters do it for fun a lot of hard work (and hours of editing) goes into putting out a single episode. This would be a great way of of showing your appreciation.

All you have to do is go to the Podcast Awards Website, scroll down to the category Entertainment, type in Geek Syndicate for Podcast Name and for Podcast URL

scroll further down, type in your name and email address, before you hit the SUBMIT button.

That’s it. It’d be great if you’ll take the 2 minutes to support the podcast, thank you and please spread the word!

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