Pulse Press Conference

For those that don’t know, Pulse is the medical supernatural horror written by Paul Cornell and being shown on BBC3.

I had the priviledge to be invited to a press screening of Pulse which was attended by the cast &  Paul Cornell (the writer).

Having already seen the episode it was great fun for me to watch the reactions of the audience, I mean, any horror set in a hospital is going to be….I think uncomfortable is the word.

Anyway, after the screening we had the chance to sit down and chat with the cast, a chat which I have recorded for your delectation.  Please excuse the quality of the recording as the press conference took place in a room with several interviews were hapening simultaneously.

The first recording has cast members:-

Claire Foy – Hannah

Arsher Ali – Adam Hussein

Greg Chillin – Rafee Hussein

Matti Houghton – Jess Black

Pulse Press Conference 1

The second recording has cast members

Stella Hamilton -Collins – Emily Beecham

Ben Miles – Joe Sennet

Pulse Press Conference 2

The episode is already online and you can watch it here – Pulse Pilot Episode or you can wait till Thursday (3rd June) and watch it on BBC 3 at 9pm.  Whichever you prefer I urge you to watch it and even join the facebook group because it’s only by getting good figures and a good measure of audience appreciation that this series is going to get picked up.  And it needs to get picked up, even if its just to satisfy my curiousity.

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