Pyramat S2500W Wireless Sound Rocker Gaming Chair Review!

So it’s just after Christmas all your presents are opened and you start to think about the evitable first Monday back at work. I know what you’re thinking but no drinking myself into a coma was not the answer. Going out and spending money I don’t have on this bad boy seem like a great alternative.


AS much as I’m not a fan of PC world I braved the, yes you do really need that four grand computer to run skype atmosphere, to pick up one of these bad boy gaming chairs.

“But it sits on the floor that’s no good” said someone who saw the chair. Well seeing as most of my gaming is spent sitting on the floor it’s a prefect fit for my gaming needs.

The chair curves to your back pretty well and, although it doesn’t look like it’s comfortable it actually is. I did find that sometimes you can get a little neck ache after a really long gaming session but to be honest I didn’t get it that much but I felt for the price you’re paying I should mention it. Some gaming chairs do come with a head rest so they may be worth checking out as well.

The sound is where this baby shines. When I crank up the sub-woofer and volume it’s like a mini earthquake in my front room. I still haven’t had the guts to put the volume on full, as a one off. The surround works really well, in fact it works a little too well on games like Left for Dead. Feeling like you’ve got ten thousand zombies in the room with you is not an experience I care to repeat too many times (not unless I’ve got several changes of underwear).

You can also fold the chair in half so it doesn’t swamp your room when not in use. It’s also great exercise if like me you stupid enough to have two consoles on different floors of your house.

Overall ,as someone who doesn’t have a surround sound system and likes to play games from the floor, this was definitely a quality buy. It also has slot for my Ipod and a headphone socket if you don’t want to wake the neighbours at night.

The sucker I picked up was also wireless.

Rating out of 5: 4

Dry Slaps: 1 for the occasional Neck soreness after a long gaming bout.

GS Reviewer: Nuge

Source: PC World


  1. Hahaha… it seem Comfortable

  2. I agree, one of the better chairs on the market. T.

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