Slingers – British scifi/heist TV series

The thing is I’m a Sean Pertwee fan.  I think he’s brilliant.  So when I heard Sean Pertwee’s name in the same sentence as science fiction, I got a mite excited.

This is a series set in 2263 AD after humanity’s first interplanetary war.  It’s a sci-fi show, it’s an action show, it’s a heist show, it’s Ocean’s Eleven in space are all shouts I’ve heard about this series around the net.  The site itself says –

Slingers is anything but just another science fiction show. Think the action of Bullitt, the sophistication of Ocean’s 11 and the humour of M*A*S*H all wrapped in a futuristic package and you have an idea of the potential of Slingers.

So with that in mind I got hold of the trailer for it.  This is the kind of trailer I like.  Enough to hook me in but not enough to give away any plot points….and I gotta say I’m intrigued.  I’ve heard people say it’s the new Firefly and while I hate it when people do the comparison thing (let it be it’s own thing), I’m ready for a sci-fi series with a touch of the chancer about it. So have a look at the trailer below, tell us what you think and then go have a look at some more info and the plot synopsis here  – Slingers

I should mention that this is directed by Steve Barron.  This is the guy who directed Bille Jean by Michael jackson, Money for Nothing by Dire Straits and Take on Me by Aha amongst many other music videos.  He also brought us the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles movie in 1990.

I think this is pretty exciting trailer as this this thing hasn’t even gone to a pilot yet and the writer Mike Sizemore says “written right now is a two-episode ‘tv movie’. It should run around 90 minutes and we’re hoping that it will hit your TV screens sometime in 2010.”

Personally I want to see this thing get made I really do

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