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I don’t know about you guys but going to Forbidden Planet, Gosh Comics or Orbital really just makes me want to cry sometimes.  Also surfing the internet.

There is so much STUFF I want.  I feel confident in my awesome geekskills to write this article and share my wants with you all because you’ll get where I’m coming from.

First up we have some awesome weapons from the guys over at Weta. I discovered these guys last Christmas – apart from knowing them overall as the guys who did the LoTR stuff – and spotted that they did these really funky rayguns.  They’ve also created this character, Dr. Grorbort who is a pulpy futuristic hunter explorer.  I couldn’t see my way through buying the actual items, so instead I bought myself a raygun badge instead.  And it’s pretty cool.

Next up is a maquette from Hellboy II – The Angel of Death.  I saw this at Forbidden Planet and my heart did this stuttering stop.  It is gloriously detailed and pretty spectacular.  Sadly, it is also quite pricey but hey, one day I know I will both have the cash and the house to display this beauty in.

And then, slightly more towards my pocket is this fantastic Batman Black & White Statue from Forbidden Planet.  At £64.99 he’s not too bad. 

I need to apologise now for linking to FP so much in this post, but as the place I hang out a lot and where I see all these pretty things, it’s only fair that I show you where I’ve found ’em.

As a big fan of Hellboy – I may have mentioned that somewhere – I would love to own this replica.  It just looks so utterly kick-ass.  Also, it’s big.  Bigger than a .45.  Much bigger.  *swoons*

Then, struck down in a complete fit of jealousy when I saw Nugent’s Indy stash, I may very well have to sell a kidney to bankroll this beauty.  The fertility statue from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Both this statue and Hellboy’s Samaritan can be found on the FP website.

Last but not least, these babies.  How much do they rock? I never played the game but I do like the movies, so shoot me.  These T-Virus and Anti-Virus caps utterly rock my socks.  They can be had from here.  Pricey, but hey, at only 750 produced world-wide, it may be worthwhile.

As things stand, we have a stack of framed signed cinema posters and comic posters on our walls at home, along with some statues of Hellboy (quite small, needs to be BIGGER) and Punisher models.  It’s a small but growing obsession.

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