Nope that’s not a misspelling it’s the title of an ongoing webcomic that according to it’s creator is ‘Shameless meets Spaced’

WWW.LLAMA-LLAMA-LLAMA.CO.UK follows the exploits of Kevin (The Geek), Floyd (Wannabe Rock God) & Billy (It’s complicated?)
Think Shameless meets Spaced with the added bonus of a spot the hidden LLAMA’s competition and plenty of Geek, film, song, pop culture references weaved in to every page.”

LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA started off as one page hand drawn grey scale comics) and has developed as my art and paint shop pro skills improved to the point that the current Episode “#6 the Job Seekers” is a full colour 25 page story. So whist the home page will always display the most recently published page, I would recommend starting here as a jumping on point
From there the standard navigation controls will let you jump backwards, forwards or select a specific page.

GS Reporter: Nuge


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