Taylor Lautner to play Wolverine in First Class?

This is the strangest story i have seen lately! but i think i figured it out!

so X-Men: First Class is supposed to about Charles Xavier setting up his school for mutants and then recruiting his first class! but i think that is a cunning ruse and they are acctauly making a X-Babies movie!

Everyone who reads comics or has seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Shudders) knows that Wolverine was born sometime the before 1900s and was a fully grown middle aged looking man (with claws) during World War 1 and World War 2, by the end of the movie when he frees all the captured mutants he still looks middle aged! so how can a movie set after those events have Wolverine played buy a 19 year old boy!

This on top of fact they replaced the actress playing Mystique with a younger actress even though she should technically look the same! as the character should be over 100 years old! (and the mother of Nightcrawler)

Come to think of it with James McAvoy playing the wheelchair bound Xavier, it is confusing as he looks nothing like the Patrick Stewart we saw at the end of the Wolverine movie!

So Fox are rebooting the X-Men francise and throwing over 40 years of established continuity (including 4 of their own films with their own established timeline) out the window, or they are actually making a X-Babies movie!! OR is it actually because having Taylor Lautner in your movie (possibly with his shirt off) is a licence to print money! and since there is no character that he could play why not throw in the other guy that is a licence to print money! WOLVERINE!!

god i hope it’s a X-Babies movie! that would be a brave choice!

I will add that i have seen the Twilight movies (no i’m not gay) and he was probably the best actor in the lot! (not saying that much) i do think he could pull off playing James Howlett even with a possible time travel subplot!

What do you think? are you happy that Wolverine might be in the movie? would you prefer Hugh Jackman return? or are you over the moon about Jacob being cast?

(I Know there are probably actually real financial/creative reasons behind the choice! i jsut don’t like them and they aren’t as entertaining as the thought of a X-Babies movie!)

GS Reporter: Matt

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